Brentley Frazer Author

Brentley Frazer is a generation X contemporary Australian poet. He is the author of six collections of poems, most recently Aboriginal to Nowhere (HeadworX, 2016), the critically acclaimed ‘nonfiction novel’, Scoundrel Days: a memoir  (UQP, 2017) and academic papers on experimental creative writing.

“…one of Australia’s most important Generation X poets.” ~ Nigel Krauth

Described by Dazed & Confused as a ‘21st century Baudelaire on acid Brentley’s unconventionality, radicalism, aggression, schizophrenia, non-adaptability and sublimity with hallucinogenic scenes and pornographic moments, a bizarre mix of elements of neo-symbolism and post-romanticism, wrapped in a form of hypertext prose, finds itself somewhere at the intersection of Burroughs, Breton, Rimbaud, Salinger and Ian Curtis.” ~ Tribuna Magazine





Brentley Frazer’s language is electric, ornate, oddly formed and brilliant, poignant, sometimes surreal images and passages abound. The longer poems have a mixture of sharp, even dazzling writing. The vocabulary is massive, events and situations are charged, and the voice of the poet compelling. These collected meditations rip apart what we image to be ‘order’ . . . Frazer performs his trademark linguistic magic, penetrating everything from personal trauma to world order. In his hand, little is left unnoticed or forgotten by the poet, who has about him both the dreamer and the theorist, whose keen eye infiltrates everything it sees.

Several of Frazer’s best poems focus his technique of associational imagery in a dramatic scene or the beginnings of a narrative thread. “Paris/Abattoir”, for example, which describes the city of Paris, centres on the fact that, deeply though he loves Paris, it is an ‘abattoir’, but it also allows him to recreate the endless stream of kinetic images that assault the senses . . .

~ Takahē Magazine