A. G Pettet

A. G. Pettet Author

A. G. Pettet was born in Australia in 1973.

He has published poems, short stories and journalistic pieces in Journals and Magazines around the world. His First Collection ‘Melancholys Midnight Wanderings’ was published in 1996.

He was the Assistant Director of the Queensland Poetry Festival from 1997 – 2000. He is widely regarded for his sparse melancholy poetry and other writings. His is also well known as one of Australia’s foremost Beat historians.





The best poems in AG Pettet’s Improvised Dirges: New and Selected Poems (Bareknuckle Poets, 93pp, $15.95) are grim descriptions of material struggle. 

In the poem For what other reasons could I exist, he describes what it’s like to have “only four dollars to last … a week and a half”.

This poem does more with straightforward description than more colourful, glamorised versions of urban desperation.

When he works toward original, vivid descriptions of the quotidian, Pettet comes up with the goods.

– The Australian